How to publish Ansible-container images via Travis-CI

How to publish docker images produced via ansible-container to Docker Hub using TravisCi


Pathfinder – Artifact crawler

It took about two months to complete this, but finally I’m proud to announce a new feature on the Pathfinder project: Artifact Crawler. Up to now Pathfinder provided a maven plugin to populate the project with data to be analyzed. Basic idea behind this is to make Pathfinder a tool to be integrated into a Continuous…

Pathfinder – DependencyManagement Analyzer

Just few weeks ago AroundTheCode started its first Opensource project: Pathfinder, today I want to introduce its latest feature: Dependency Management Analyzer. All Maven users know what DependencyManagement is and how it works (otherwise you can find a good reading starting point here ), and they probably also know how boring and hard can be dig through all…