How to publish Ansible-container images via Travis-CI

How to publish docker images produced via ansible-container to Docker Hub using TravisCi


Environment templates – part 1 – Create your template

Ok, time for a big topic. Environment templates is a really useful practice which can improve many Continuous Integration areas, so I will probably split its description over several posts. This first post involves, obviously, template creation. The second one will show you how to reuse such template for integration tests automation. Third one will…

Ansible – massively fix bash shellshock

Since the recently discovered bash vulnerabilty is forcing many IT specialist to run massive update to their systems, here you can find a simple ansible script to immediately update all your servers at once, would they be APT or YUM based. — – hosts: “{{deploy_host}}”   remote_user: ansible_user   sudo: yes   vars:     pkg_list_deb:       – bash     pkg_list_rpm:       – bash   tasks:…